Lucknow: day 5

Day five in Lucknow

Arrival date: May 8th 12:30 PM to Lucknow Railway Station (train 12004 / Lko Swran Shtbd)

Expected departure: May 18th 10:50 AM – Destination: Varanasi

If initially I was kind of disappointed about the city without understanding how it spread over the territory, ignoring which were the great places to visit and spend some time in, now I can say I quite like it. It’s not bad at all! It’s nice! And that’s thanks to Chitra who first encouraged me and talked me about the city, and then thanks to Vishal who has been my personal guide through the city and its culture (and his house! ;-)).

Chota Imambara

Chota Imambara

Actually that was the impression I first got, because I was just staying in the “Delhi’s Paharganj” equivalent area.. or even worse than that! Paharganj has its own spirit/soul and it’s really interesting because it’s full of people chatting, walking around, rushing in the crowd, selling things, buying stuff, bearing loads… It’s full of colours, smells, noises (rather than sounds..), movements… It would be like judging Rome without even be aware of the Colosseum or of all the great Romans’ heritage left in there..

Then I got the chance – or simply felt the need 😉 – to move into a better part of the city, at least closer to the centre. In fact this is a congested area (Ghasyari Mandi, I guess) with cars, trucks and every conceivable vehicle blowing their horns night and day.. but it’s fine! I like it! It’s alive! I can see PEOPLE on the streets… People, animals and things making their way through the traffic.. it’s cool! 😀

My previous guesthouse – “Lucknow Homestay” reviewed but the prestigious Lonely Planet (?!?! – I’m gonna write them something about that…) – was in Mall Avenue, maybe 2km from the railway station in a residential area that had nothing at all to see! Nothing indeed! And the building was stuck between a few more houses on a secondary road, so no view at all could be seen from there.. besides, they had no A/C room available and 32/33° C inside the room at night were indeed something! I’m not Indian, my body can’t stand it at all! I’m sorry!

(BTW I’ve just got the doubt that I paid 100/rs less.. I just gave the money for the room without considering the lunch and dinner I had there.. Well.. I’m sorry.. they have my number, they will call..)

Now my preferred spot of the city is the “Sahara Ganj Mall”, a mall with a lot of shops, A/C all over the place, restaurants and life! 🙂 Actually I’m torn between going there tonight as well or going for the Tunday’s Kabab in the old city.. let’s see. Maybe I’ll just change destination for today.


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